Welcome to MADOLJAI


Madoljai (mah-don-jai) means "inspiration" in Thai. When it comes to this project, this word inspired us to humbly present Thai food and culture. To bring the old to the new, to mix and balance all elements that we are capable with... Your support is our inspiration!

Madoljai restaurant is located in the heart of the Bayside area in Beaumaris, Melbourne. Serving exquisite Thai cuisine, bringing the delightful flavours of Thailand. In our recipes and menu, we are searching and rediscovering the treasure of Thai food and heritage from the wisdoms of our ancestors (traditional and royal cuisine). We also pair with Australian local ingredients, which give us flexibility and allow us to be more creative. This mix and match inspires us to present such precious treasure that we have found. 

Our Focus: "Thai food is not only great taste, well balanced and complex flavours, but also the aromatic scents, looks and textures to showcase the overall presentation... We also use ingredients with medicinal benefits, which are valuable to our health. We are keen to select quality ingredients and fresh products. We strive to improve our work to be more creative and authentic.”

We are proud to be a part of, and continue to present Thai food culture. It’s our pleasure to serve healthy meals, and a touch of Thai flavours. We all know that it is not just food; it is a labour of love.

Thank you! We appreciate your continued support. We cannot wait to serve you look forward to seeing you enjoy the experience, new flavours in Beaumaris with us at Madoljai. 

Keep inspiring us to discover more, the hidden treasures! 

With Love,