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The Art Of Thai Food & Heritage
Welcome to MADOLJAI

MADOLJAI is a showcase inspired by Thailand’s culture, cuisine and heritage. We are humble and proud of the support our customers give us to present fine Thai cuisine to Melbourne. We bring the old to the new, where we mix and balance all the ingredients found in Thailand to bring you the flavours and dishes our land has to offer.

The Madoljai restaurant is located in the heart of the Bayside area in Beaumaris, Melbourne. We serve exquisite fine Thai cuisine, bringing our customers the delightful flavours of Thailand. You will find in our recipes the hidden treasures of Thai food and heritage from the wisdoms of our ancestors (traditional and royal cuisine). We also use Australian local ingredients, which give us flexibility and allow us to be more creative. This mix and match inspires us to present such dishes which you won’t have tried anywhere else.

Our menu has been created by using the knowledge and wisdom from the application of natural ingredients, with their health benefits, along with our ancestors cooking techniques. You will taste the freshness and notice the difference that only Madoljai can provide.

Thank you for the opportunity to keep our passion alive where The East meets West

With Love,


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about image
Madoljai Kitchen

"Cooking Thai food is never ending. You will never think 'there is nothing new for Thai food' because there is always something that you haven't tried"

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