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(KHONG WANG ของว่าง)
Madoljai Oysters

Fresh oysters dressed with passion fruit Nam Jim

$5 each
Fresh Natural Oysters of the day

$4 each
Khao Tang Na Tang [3 pcs]

Aromatic Spanner crabmeat (Queensland) cooked in coconut milk, handmade watermelon rice crackers, topped with Yarra Valley caviar

Khao Pan Pak (V)

Rice pancake; stuffed with stir-fried mushroom mixed, vegetables, Enoki, crispy fried shallots, dressed with clear sweet & sour sauce

Tom Jiw

Aromatic tender beef (grass fed) soup, potato cubes, Thai basil, holy basil, tomatoes, Thai shallots, birds eye chili & kaffir lime juice

Chu Chee Scallops [3 pcs]

Char grilled half shell scallops, dressed homemade Chu Chee curry paste, topped coconut cream & Yarra Valley caviar, Thai basil

Satay Gae [2 pcs]

Char-grilled French trimmed young lamb cutlets, homemade Satay (peanuts sauce) & Ajat (sour & sweet clear sauce)

Goong Tod [2 pcs]

Crispy fried Australian king prawns, crumbed “Khao Mao” (sweet white rice), mashed potato balls, homemade sweet chilli sauce

Gai Yad Sai

Twice cooked stuffed chicken wing (free range), marinated chicken mince, bean thread noodles, dressed tamarind sauce

Salt & Pepper Moreton Bay Bug meat

Tossed crispy Moreton Bay bug meat (Queensland), lemongrass, kaffir lime, spring onion, hand sliced potatoes & lotus chips, dressed tamarind sauce

Yum Som O [2pcs]

Thai pomelo salad, char-grilled Australian king prawns, shredded chicken, chilli jam, tossed coconut, peanuts, crispy shallots, betel leafs, kaffir lime dressing

(KHONG KHOW ของคาว)
Sang Wa Goong

Aromatic prawns salad, steamed Australian prawns (Queensland), char-grilled king prawns, lemongrass, Asian herbs, Thai shallots, ginger, tomatoes, lettuce, dressed kaffir lime dressing

Yum Tawai Gae

Thai curry salad, braised young lamb shank, blanched vegetables in coconut milk, dressed sour-salty & sweet sauce (homemade Tawai paste), topped with sun-dried shrimps, crispy shallots & sesame seeds

Khao Soi Gai

Northern style noodle curry, flat tapioca noodles, chicken breast, soft-boiled egg, dressed “Khao Soi” curry, topped with crispy egg noodles, pickled green mustard, chilli oil, lime

Gaeng Kaew Wan Ped Sam Rod

Braised Duck leg, Peking duck in homemade green curry paste, coconut milk, cherry eggplants, Thai eggplants, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, Thai basil, served with “Khao Hom Mali” (Thai jasmine rice)

Pla Jim Nam Prik Hed

Steamed Wild Barramundi fillet in banana leaf, “Nam Prik Hed” (grilled mushrooms dip), pumpkin puree, steamed & fresh vegetables, served with “Khao Hom Mali” (Thai jasmine rice)

Nam Tok Nuea

Issan beef salad, grilled grass-fed black Angus eye fillet, topped with herbs & “Khao khoa” (sticky rice powder) dressing, served with sweet potato fries

Pad Cha Talay

Stir fried spicy & aromatic lobster tail & seafood in white wine, krachai, chilli, green peppercorn, Thai basil, topped Yarra Valley caviar, served with “Khao Hom Mali” (Thai jasmine rice)

Miang Pla Pao

Grilled whole flounder (marinated) in banana leaf, topped with tamarind sauce, green lettuces, betel leafs, herbs, “Kanom Jeen” (rice noodle), and ginger Nam Jim (dipping sauce)

[Market Price]
Ook Gai

Northern Thai, Lanna curry (without coconut), deboned baby chicken (spatchcock), cooked in Ook paste, vegetables, served with “Khao Neaw Kamin” (Thai turmeric sticky rice)

(KHREUNG KEANG เครื่องเคียง)
Som Tam Thai

Hand shredded green papaya salad ,snake beans, dried chilli, dried shrimps, peanuts, cashew nuts, tomatoes and dressing

Pad Pak

Stir-fried vegetables with oyster sauce

Khao Pad Khai

Traditional Thai style egg fried rice topped with crispy fried egg and wrapped in banana leaf

Khoa Hom Mali

Steamed Thai jasmine rice

Khoa Man

Coconut rice

Khao Neaw Kamin

Turmeric sticky rice


Char-grilled roti breads & homemade satay sauce (peanuts sauce)

Lotus Root Chips

Prawn Crackers

Thai flavours snack with homemade satay sauce

Beer Battered Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

(KHONG WAAN ของหวาน)
Khao Neaw Mamung

Steamed Taro sticky rice in banana leaf, seasonal mango, topped salted coconut cream, served with coconut sorbet

Ruam Mit

The combination of palm seeds, Toddy palm, glass jelly, jack fruit, dressed with coconut syrup and topped with coconut sorbet

Gluay Tab

Grilled lady finger banana, Thai tea ice cream, palm sugar & coconut syrup

Ai-Tim Tord

Homemade crispy fried Avocado ice cream crumbed with breadcrumbs & coconut, topped with kaffir lime & palm sugar syrup

Suggested Dessert Wine:
Vasse Felix Cane Cut Semillon $10

Chocolate Fondant

Baked a chocolate cake soufflé, served with homemade vanilla ice cream

Suggested Dessert Wine:
Yalumna Museum Release Old Liqueur Tawny $10


An espresso shot, homemade vanilla ice cream and a shot of Bailey Frangelico / TiaMaria


A scoop of homemade ice cream your choice of Thai Tea / Vanilla / Avocado / Coconut Sorbet



*Please advise your wait staff of any dietary requirements

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