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Spring Rolls/4pcs (DF)(V)(VG)

Served with sweet chilli sauce.

Green Rice Prawns/2pcs (DF)

Fried king prawns coated with green rice flakes, sriracha mayo.

Pulled Pork Tacos/2pcs (DF)

Shredded braised spiced pork shoulder, chargrilled tortillas, coslettuce, avocado salsa, wasabi mayo, sriracha.

Waguy Beef Sliders/2pcs

With American cheddar, wasabi mayo, chilli jam.

Spanner Crab Crackers/2pcs (DF)

Sautéed spanner crab meat, house made puffed sesame rice crackers, avocado salsa, lime mayo.

Chicken Skewers/4pcs (GF)(DF)

Chargrilled spiced chicken tenderloin skewers, sesame seeds, peanut sauce.

Mussels (GF)(DF)

Steamed mussels with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, white wine.

Salt & Pepper Calamari (DF)

With watercress salad, sriracha mayo.

Lamb Skewers/2pcs (GF)

Chargrilled marinated lamb backstrap skewers, sesame seeds, mint yogurt.

Fish Cakes/4pcs (GF)(DF)

Fried freshly made red curry fishcakes, avocado salsa, lime mayo.

Scallops/4pcs (GF)

Pan-seared scallops, turmeric cauliflower puree, crushed peanuts.

Pumpkin (GF)(V)

Creamy butternut pumpkin soup, topped with fresh cream.

Chicken & Corn (GF)

Shredded free-range chicken breast and creamy sweet corn soup, with a hint of ginger.

Mushroom (GF)(V)

Smooth blend of assorted mushrooms, topped with fresh cream.

Seafood Tom Yum (GF)(DF)

Hot and sour soup with prawn, scallop, mussel, calamari, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, carrot.

Beetroot Cured Salmon (GF)

48 hrs house beetroot cured Atlantic salmon, watercress, avocado, medley tomatoes, cucumber, radish, pickled ginger, cottage cheese, lime dressing.

Calamari (GF)(DF)

Chargrilled chilli calamari, watercress, medley tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, radish, celery, red onion, lime dressing.

Grilled Chicken (GF)(DF)

Chargrilled free-range chicken breast, bacon, green papaya, red onion, carrot, medley tomatoes, fresh herbs, crushed peanuts,nam jim dressing.

Quinoa (DF)(V)(VG)

With roquette, tofu, almonds, cranberries, medley tomatoes,pumpkin, eggplant, balsamic & soy dressing.

Grilled Lamb

Chargrilled marinated lamb backstrap, roquette, quinoa, capsicum, eggplant, kalamata olives, red onion, Greek fetta, sesame seeds, balsamic & soy dressing.

Stir-Fried Tofu (DF)(V)(VG) 17

With vegetables, cashew nuts, chilli jam, soy sauce, jasmine rice.

Seafood Linguine

With tomatoes, red curry, white wine.

Waguy Beef Burger

With bacon, American cheddar, cos lettuce, tomato, red onion, wasabi mayo, chilli jam, beer battered chips.

Pulled Pork Burger (DF)

With bacon, kimchi, wasabi mayo, chilli jam, sweet potato chips.

Chicken Green Curry (GF)(DF)

Free-range chicken breast in green curry, eggplant, pumpkin, zucchini, coconut cream, Thai basil, jasmine rice.

Crispy Chicken (GF)(DF)

Crispy skin fried free-range chicken maryland, soba, garden salad, nam jim dressing.

Paella (GF)(DF)

Prawns, Chiang Mai hot sausage, chicken breast, Japanese rice, capsicum, peas, saffron stock, red curry.

Lamb Shank Massaman Curry (GF)(DF)

Braised lamb shank in Massaman curry, fried sweet potato, green beans, coconut cream, crushed peanuts.

Pork Belly (GF)(DF)

Braised caramelised pork belly, Chinese broccoli, crispy fried shallot, jasmine rice.

Salmon Fillet (GF)

Crispy skin pan-roasted Atlantic salmon fillet, mashed potato, chargrilled asparagus, Viet mint & dill beurre blanc sauce.

Duck Breast (GF)

Crispy skin pan-roasted Yarra Valley duck breast, quinoa, rocket, bamboo shoot, green beans, pumpkin, eggplant, orange & ginger glaze.

Scotch Fillet (GF)

Chargrilled 300g scotch fillet steak, mashed potato, vegetables, crispy fried shallot, red wine shiitake gravy.

Jasmine Rice (GF)(DF)(V)(VG)
Viet Baguette (DF)(V)(VG)
Rotis (DF)(V)(VG)
Lotus Root Chips (GF)(DF)(V)(VG)
Beer Battered Chips (DF)(V)(VG)
Sweet Potato Chips (GF)(DF)(V)(VG)
Green Papaya Salad (GF)(DF)

With medley tomatoes, carrot, red onion, fresh herbs, crushed peanuts, nam jim dressing.

Fried Rice (DF)

With free-range eggs, bacon, carrot, peas, onion.

Affogato (GF)(V)

A shot of espresso with Baileys/Frangelico/TiaMaria, topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Lychee Panna Cotta (GF)(V)

With pistachios, red wine poached pear, mango puree.

Chocolate & Hazelnut Mousse (GF)(V)

With matcha whipped cream, fresh berries.

Ice Cream (GF)(V)

Choice of vanilla, chocolate or coconut ice cream.

Fried Ice Cream (V)

Fried crumbed coconut ice cream, matcha whipped cream, grapefruit syrup, almond flakes.



*Please advise your wait staff of any dietary requirements

Note: (GF) Gluten-free (DF) Dairy-free (V) Vegetarian (VG) Vegan